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Are you brand new to online business?

Listen we have all been there, not knowing the first step but wanting to conquer the world. Trust me I know that feeling. I have set up a step-by-step guide for those that are new or if you just want a refresher on how to set up a website, what a domain name is, how to do all that geeky tech stuff, look no further. Check out the Blueprint Guides.

Would you rather learn on your own time?

Time is the most precious thing we have and with your busy schedule who has time to sign up for webinars and watch people sell you and never tell you exactly how things are done. Lets get right to point, I respect your time and I know juggling 2 or 3 jobs and trying to get an online business started can get difficult, which is why I have set up a membership site with recorded videos that I add more and more content every month. You will never have to pay FULL price ever again. Consume as much content as you would like. Find out more details by clicking here.

Want person 1-on-1 Coaching instead?

Ok, I understand, you understand whats going on, but you need that extra little push or you prefer having me coach you one on one and have my team handle all your tech stuff for you. Not a problem. Click here to schedule a time to talk to me and I would be happy to go over your goals and design a custom plan for you to get started and get your idea up and running in no time. I can help you with traffic, conversions the whole enchilada. Click here to schedule a strategy session with me.


Make 2016 your year!

Make 2016 your year! ….build yours not theres.     Why 2016 can be your year right now: Like we keep saying, make 2016 your year. This is not difficult. So 2016, is coming and you have to make decisions, do you want to be where you are right now, today... read more

Why Facebook Page Likes Still Matter

If you have actually been paying attention to the babble recently, you may be persuaded that Facebook page likes no longer matter. Or they matter less than they the moment did. Permit me to differ. In my point of view, Facebook page likes still concern. In reality,... read more