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If a person “Likes” your Facebook Page, it indicates they have a passion in your business and products. It means they’re interested in seeing articles in their News Feed regarding your business.

Despite having this opted-in “like”, however, there is a fragile equilibrium in promoting your business and items on Facebook. You don’t really want to be shouting concerning you and your items constantly. Yet, you do really want to obtain your items seen, enjoyed and sold. Your Fans prefer to be communicated with. They take place Facebook to ‘hang out’ with buddies, and acquire great information about their favored brand names and products. Exactly how can companies like yours recognize this to make much better product blog posts and skyrocket their advertising success on Facebook?

I wanted to recognize this as well. I really wanted to know how the top brand names on Facebook effectively page about their items, and to learn just how business with millions of Fans create engaging, resonating product updates that resemble, shared and commented on by lots of consumers worldwide. So I looked at the world’s most well-liked brand Pages, examined them, and came up with a lot of brilliant product blog post techniques.

Below are 21 remarkable and creative item posts in 8 classifications from the globe’s most liked Facebook Pages.

You could try them too.

Concerns are a terrific means to produce talks with your visitor, and engage your Fans with your products.

There are great deals of kinds of questions you can ask on Facebook. Here are five of the more usual problem types, with examples:.

Facebook Post Formula # 1: Product Preference.

An item inclination problem asks your Fans to choose which of your items they such as the most effective.

In this example, Walmart utilizes “item choice concerns” to entice comments. They show pictures of 2 choices of items, and ask Fans to comment on which they prefer.


This is rather simple to do, and if you can show your products in a fun means that associates to your consumer you could have a whole lot of successes with these kinds of questions.

Here’s one more item choice problem from Xbox. This update programs four of their games, and asks their Fans which one they’ll be playing this weekend. This is a not-so-subtle way to acquire their enthusiastic fans considering their item, and posting these images with their good friends. Players can be very enthusiastic regarding their preferred, so sparring them off could produce a great deal of Facebook likes, shares and comments.

Facebook Post Formula # 2: Fill in the Blank.

coca cola fill in the blank

A fill in the blank blog post is one more problem pages that’s efficient at acquiring your Fans to participate in your Facebook Page, and discussing your products. These kinds of articles are normally one sentence, with a blank line for your Fans to complete.

Below’s a “fill in the empty” example from Coca Cola, using a branded photo of a coke vehicle. They made use of an instagram filter to give it a warm summer feeling.

An additional example of an item post making use of “fill in the empty” comes from Disney. In this upgrade, they are marketing their pins, in a method that resonates with their customers of this specific product. Disney pin traders are clearly very enthusiastic concerning their items: this fill in the empty post had acquired virtually 22,000 Facebook suches as and near 2,400 remarks in one day.

Facebook Post Formula # 3: Like vs. Share.

A “like vs. share” page is a relatively straightforward method to interact your visitor, and obtain a lot of likes and shares. Produce a photo of two of your items, and make a “like vs. share” icon. Ask your Fans to choose their beloved item by either suching as or discussing your page.


Below’s an instance from Walmart. They are advertising their NBA t-shirts throughout the NBA finals, by asking their Fans which of the 2 teams they support. Fans ‘like’ one option, and ‘share’ the various other. In merely 18 hrs, this post had over 21,000 interactions with their Fans.

Facebook Post Formula # 4: Polls.

Polls are a quite simple means for your Fans to engage with your Page. Polls concerning your items obtain Fans talking concerning your products. Ask a problem, and offer product options as options.

Target poll type question facebook wishpond

In this instance, Target asks “what’s the formal scent of summertime?”. The four options they offer are all associated to products they sell.

Facebook Post Formula # 5: “Caption This”.

An inscription blog post includes asking your Fans to caption an image, or brief video clip, you have actually published. Usage your product in your blog post to obtain folks thinking and discussing your products.

Right here’s an example from National Geographic, where they are asking their Facebook Fans to caption an image from a Photo Contest they had actually run. In merely 47 minutes, they had over 20,000 interactions with their Fans.

Pictures are the most common and talked concerning blog posts on Facebook. Uploading images of your item is great. Publishing pictures of your product in a creative means, related to you visitors’ way of livings and motivations is better. It reveals that you are comprehending your consumer a little more, and not simply pressing your product bent on them.

Here are 4 sorts of motifs you can incorporate in your pictures:.

Facebook Post Formula # 6: National / International Holidays.

Integrating photos of your item with a nationwide or international occasion can generate lots of Fan interaction.

Converse, as an example, has actually utilized this tactic to market their American Collection of sneakers on the Memorial Day weekend break:.

Facebook Post Formula # 7: Product Specific Days.

There’s a bunch of unknown, very rare worldwide days of party. If you discover some of these that connect to your product, utilize them! Hello, you never understand, your market particular niche simply may prefer to find out of them – and you could have a little bit of fun marketing your particular niche item to them.

Look at exactly how Oreo utilized this with “World Milk Day”. Yes, I’m still a little sceptical this day exists as well.

Facebook Post Formula # 8: Sponsored Events.

If your company enrollers occasions, utilize this to upload pictures of it on your Facebook Page, and include photos of your items.

Red Bull is very fantastic at utilizing sponsored events to promote their beverage. They publish their occasions from around the world on their Facebook Page as well:.

Facebook Post Formula # 9: Lookbook Photo Albums.

Facebook’s image cd feature permits you submit approximately 1,000 pictures each album. As a company, you would intend to keep that to a much more absorbable number. But you could use image cds to show a style of your items. As an example, if you’ve simply gotten a brand-new line of a specific product for the season – show awesome photos of them in a lookbook-style album.

Zara used this formula to develop a lookbook of their latest outfits.

Facebook Post Formula # 10: Photos That Show a Product’s Value or Feature.

Not every article has to be something outlandish. Some posts can merely show a special or appealing element regarding a brand-new items you need to provide. Look into how Intel used a traditional-style advertising picture to show the slimness of its Ultrabook Convertible. This page has actually obtained over 264,000 likes, and over 13,000 shares.

Include Calls-to-Action (CTA’s).
A Call-to-Action could have the power to incite action in your visitor. Include CTA’s in a few of your item posts to obtain your Fans connecting with, and ultimately purchasing, your product.

Many of the examples above consist of CTA’s, to ask Fans to take a certain activity. Below are 2 more examples.

Facebook Post Formula # 11: Quotes with CTA’s.

A good quote on a meme is a well-liked page on Facebook. Incorporate your item with motivation, wit, or joy with a quote. Post it with a CTA to share or like your update.

Nutella has actually utilized this technique to “send a kiss to the one you love most”. The meme consists of a picture of the Nutella bottle. The CTA is to posting the article.

It worked, also. In just 3 hours, the article had more than 8,000 interactions.

Facebook Post Formula # 12: Videos with CTA’s.

Include a CTA with an installed video, to tell your Fans to see it, and afterwards discuss it or discuss it.

Right here’s an example from Subway. They embedded a comical video made simply for Facebook. The CTA motivates Fans to see the video good enough to comment on their favored line from the discussion.

Share Product Information.
Customers prefer to be informed about products. Most consumers obtain their item research online. Publishing intriguing realities associated with and regarding your item can be a wonderful means to obtain your item known.

When you’re discussing item information on Facebook, you truly intend to keep the content visually attractive, enjoyable and easy.

Right here are 2 instances of posts that effectively discuss info in a Facebook kind of method.

Facebook Post Formula # THIRTEEN: How your Product is Made.

Demonstrate how your item is made, and perform in a really aesthetically appealing way.

Have a look at exactly how Starbucks has actually revealed images of its coffee item, in differing stages of its development. It shows it from grain to being stuffed, drew and put. This blog post has actually been connected with over 128,000 Fans.

Facebook Post Formula # 14: Trivia.

Posting smidgens of facts is a fantastic method to obtain your blog posts suched as, postinged and talked about, with Facebook. Post a sentence or more of trivia about your product, or something associated with your item, and consist of a visually attractive image.

In this instance, Intel posted trivia regarding lobsters and associated it back to their logo. It was suched as by greater than 264,000 people.

Video clips are another interactive method to interact your Fans with your product. It’s ideal to install them directly onto your Facebook page, so your Fans do not need to leave the site to watch.

There are many kinds of video clips you could post. Below are two kinds that acquire a bunch of traction:.

Facebook Post Formula # 15: Exclusive / Behind the Scenes Videos.

Blog post videos that give your Fans unique coverage of an exclusive occasion that showcases your item. Or provide your Fans video accessibility to a behind the scenes consider your business items via a short video clip.

In this instance, Burberry posted a highlighted video clip of its invite simply menswear style show. In merely eventually, it received over 9,000 communications. It reveals its menswear item harmonic with its brand name, by keeping it exclusive, yet offered.

Facebook Post Formula # 16: Funny Videos.

Humour goes a long means on Facebook. If it works with your products, making and uploading brief, funny videos can market your item well.

Look at this type of absurd article by PlayStation. The video clip is labelled “PS4 Instructional Video: How to share games with your pals”. It is 22 secs long. You can’t see it in this photo, but essentially, it begins out pretty serious about the best ways to share video games. Then, it goes to Step 1. Just what’s Step 1? Hand the bodily video game to your close friend. You’ve discussed it. The video clip has actually had close to 7,000 shares.

Competitions and Promotions.
Social promotions like team deals, sweepstakes and vote competitions are an outstanding method to market your products and acquire people sharing about them. When a customer enters your contest, many 3rd party apps, like Wishpond, will certainly send an auto-post to your participants Facebook timeline. This will reveal up in their friends’ News Feeds, with a call-to-action for their pals to enter also.

Right here are 3 kinds of Social Promotions whereby you might market your item:.

Facebook Post Formula # 17: Vote Contest.

A ballot competition acquires your individuals to elect on their favored choice of your providings. It can be utilized in lots of methods to market your product. Make the voting choices a variety of your merchandise, and offer a product associated prize.

In this example, Kit Kat asks their contestants to vote on their preferred brand-new chunky flavors. Prizes consist of a trip for 4, and 200 various other terrific rewards. This not only markets their new product, however it does so in a very interactive and appealing means.

Facebook Post Formula # 18: Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes on Facebook provide you the opportunity to market your item socially, and create excitement about winning something from your business.

In this example, Skittles is distributing the opportunity to succeed a Skittle grain bag chair, and various other item related rewards. The sweepstakes is run totally on Facebook, and promotes the sweet in their publishing regarding the sweepstakes.

Facebook Post Formula # 19: Social Coupons and Deals.

That does not like a wonderful deal? When you run discount coupons and group offers on your Facebook Page, you could create a bunch of communications with your articles about it. Include photos of your items that you are providing your offers on. If you supply a group deal, you encourage sharing, as you could establish up the variety of candidates needed for the group bargain to happen. If your offer is an excellent one, your Fans will certainly be excited to share this with their buddies.

In this instance, Target is promoting their brand-new website for coupons and bargains. The Facebook page teems with their items, to lure their visitors to visit and connect.

Merely last week, Facebook introduced hashtags to articles. If you have no idea what a hashtag is now – it’s basically a word or more behind a # that makes a common discussion subject. They’ve been typical practice on websites like Twitter and Tumblr for several years.

Consisting of hashtags in your pages makes them a bit even more easily accessible, for a certain classification. It could also produce a great deal more communication with various other Pages and Fans throughout every one of Facebook – not simply with Fans on your website.

There are a digit of ways you could make use of hashtags to advertise your item. Below are two examples from firms that have actually already embraced this brand-new trend.

Facebook Post Formula # 20: Brand Name # hashtags.

One means to utilize hashtags to promote your product related pages is to merely hashtag your firm name. This functions well to obtain both your firm name shared, in addition to your product pictures.

Visit just how Mercedes Benz has actually incorporated this brand-new method in their Facebook posts:.

Facebook Post Formula # 21: Sponsored Events # hashtags.

You could utilize hashtags regarding occasions connected to your item. If you are sponsoring an event, include it in your blog posts on Facebook. Ensure your hashtagged pages have a photo of your items too – it’s an excellent way to obtain them viewed within your event you’re paying for.

In this instance, Monster Energy is making use of the # Drift3 and # Driftocalypse hashtags. This connects their Facebook pages to a larger audience than just their Facebook Fans. They can have done a lot more to consist of a picture of their energy drink in the post photo, though.

Monster energy hashtags wishpond

So there you have it, 21 kinds of items articles from the largest brands on Facebook. They are hugely successful, and if you try them out, you could be also.

Exactly what do you believe? Exactly what techniques do you make use of to obtain your items interacted with? Inform us regarding your item blog post megahits.