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Building Profitable Websites

I earn a living online by creating websites that are profitable, and these are the resources I use to setup my websites and make sure that they’re converting and constantly bringing in more money.

Building Profitable Websites I earn a living online by creating websites that are profitable, and these are the resources I use to setup my websites and make sure that they’re converting and constantly bringing in more money. 

Green Geeks Web Hosting

I make my entire living online running profitable websites and BlueHost is the hosting company that I use for all of them. They’ll let you install WordPress in just one click and have incredible support and are always there when you need them to make everything easy for you to use. BlueHost makes it easy to run all your websites from one place.

OptimizePress 2.0 WordPress Theme

This website you’re viewing and 99% of my websites run off of the OptimizePress 2.0 theme for WordPress. This theme will turn your website into a lead sucking machine that will build your email list quickly, and it has tons of template for everything from blogs to sales pages that are drag and drop simple to make lead and sales generation super easy.

Wishlist Member WordPress Plugin

This plugin will allow you to lock up certain sections of the website you use so that only your customers can access them. This is a great way to build your own digital products and membership sites so that you can start earning passive income online by having your customers exchange money in order to login to your websites and see your course material.

Strategic Email Marketing

If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business. It’s crucial for you to constantly be growing your email list or prospects and customers to get in touch with them at any time that you want to.

Get Response Email Marketing

The service I trust to build and nurture my email list with is Get Response for how easy they are to use and how much better they are at deliverability than most other email marketing tools. They also let you create an auto responder that send out messages automatically to your audience. Sign up today and they’ll give you a free $30 credit.

Popup Domination WordPress Plugin

This plugin is awesome for quickly building up your email list because it allows you to put a sexy looking popup form on your WordPress site in order to offer your viewers something of value in exchange for their email address. It’ll help you pull in way more email subscriptions by making it super obvious as soon as the popup appears to your website viewers.

LeadPages Easy Landing Page Builder

As someone who has designed websites from scratch and also played around with every tool in the industry people use to create them, I can say with certainty that there’s nothing easier than Lead Pages when it comes to putting the page together. You can have your landing page up in minutes and track every detail of what happens on it.

Digital Product Creation

One of the best ways to earn passive income online is to build and sell digital products to your audience. These can come in the form of PDFs, audios, videos, and are quick and easy to make.

The JVZoo Marketplace

The majority of Taking Back Earth products are sold through the vendor marketplace JVZoo because they pay commissions instantly to you and your affiliates as soon as the sale is made, directly into both parties PayPal accounts. They also have a ton of active and powerful affiliates, making it easy to get power player JVs to promote your products.

ScreenFlow Screen Recorder

This handy little mac application allows you to control your screen video and your audio while you’re working on it so that you can create digital products by showing people presentations you’ve made on your computer, such as those made in KeyNote. It’s a great way to show people exactly what you’re doing on the screen and turn it into a product.

Audacity Audio Recorder

This free app lets you record yourself talking and turn your voice into MP3 files that can be played on any audio device, which you can bundle and sell as products to your customers. Whenever I write a PDF action guide I can create a whole other level of the product by simply narrating what I’ve written into an audiobook by using this cool little application.

Organizing Your Life

If your life is all over the place and not organized, then you’re not going to get very far, so it’s crucial that you keep everything tidy in your business and life if you want to truly succeed in all areas.

EverNote Life Management

I probably use this more than any other application on my computer and it’s because it lets me keep everything incredibly organized with different virtual notes and notebooks that I can flick through when I need something. I have my goals in here as well as notes I have taken from courses and everything else and it’s incredibly easy to navigate.

DropBox File Manager

I have a TON of files from design templates to entire training products to PDFs I’m writing and I keep them all in DropBox. Not only does it keep them more secure than keeping them on my computer, but it puts them privately in the cloud so that I can access them wherever I have an internet connection, making it ideal for whenever you’re traveling.

Health & Fitness

To live an amazing lifestyle it’s important to take your health to the next level while you’re improving everything else, and there are a ton of amazing resources you can use in order to accomplish that.

Life On Nootropics

This company is absolutely incredible and is all about taking the human body to the next level. They sell home fitness equipment to turn your house into a fully functional gym and they also sell an assortment of nootropics for brain and body health as well as supplements that improve performance levels in every single area of mental and physical activity.


One of the best ways to turn your audience into a raving crowd of hungry buyers is to connect with them on webinars on a regular basis to provide value and constantly engage with them.


Host webinars from your own website with unlimited attendees and panel members with this software that goes above and beyond typical webinar software in the marketplace to take everything to the next level. Nurture your team by interacting with them live and encouraging them to invest in what you’re selling to kick their business up a notch.