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Speaking Truth into the World is Not an Option, it is a Need, Today – STH

Sumeet Harish educates the world on how to build, design and launch digital businesses online, how the vast world of advertising works via the online world and how important influence for your brand is.

Showing techniques and strategies with paid advertising as well as the importance in artful design in order to create highly captivating brands online that produce results, increase user engagement and make an impact in the world.

Sumeet dips his hands in every aspect of the online space from affiliate and performance marketing to product creations and launches. Sumeet is no stranger to the online world, as his blog voices his concerns and ideas about how to market online and being the best at it.

Sumeet comes to any environment and brings a new flow of fresh energy and creativity in how he sees the world around him and brings to the conversation the quintessence of many of the important topics that shape the digital world today and where he views things will progress 20, 30 years into the future. He is always finding new methods and always gets the audience involved and to interact in a creative way. Drawing energy from the audience and creating that energy makes him a great speaker when it comes to online topics, monetizing websites or even explaining things through his lens on life and his vast experiences that have lead him in many business ventures and life learning lessons across the globe in countries such as China, South Korea, Philippines, Europe & USA.

(Beijing, China – Yuanfen Flow Start Up Week – 2011)

(Houston, TX – Guru Training Camp – 2014)